Unilock Beacon Hill Pavers

r_xxxl_PRIM_BHF_RES_1We want to spotlight one of our favorite pavers that we often use when designing our outdoor living projects. The name of the paver is called Beacon Hill Flagstone. Beacon Hill is a new type of paver that was introduced about 4 years ago. These pavers are a part of the EnduraColor product line. I personally think this new style of paver has brought life back to the concrete paving industry.

r_xxxl_PRIM_BHF_RES_4Beacon Hill concrete pavers are created by Unilock. Unilock specializes in concrete pavers and segmental retaining wall materials. For years Unilock has been reinventing the concrete paver industry with their products.

Beacon Hill Flagstone has a very natural appearance which is ideal for almost any landscape project. It’s soft blended colors and subtle surface design gives Beacon Hill Flagstone a relaxed historic look and feel. It comes in three different sizes which gives any paver project a random appearance.

Johnson 003 Pool Design Belgard_007Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers are created by Unilock’s unique EnduraColor process. The concrete pavers are made from high-quality aggregates. The process of EnduraColor involves making a standard paver first where the top layer is a high-quality cement with very small aggregate. The result is a paver that has a compression strength 21/2 times stronger than poured concrete and looks fantastic. The EnduraColor line is definitely the “beauty and the beast” of pavers, as they provide strength and the aesthetics homeowners are looking for to use in their hardscape and patio designs.

Duane Draughon – VizX Design Studios 



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