So You Want Your Design For Free?

Name something that has value that you can get for free? If I told you I was selling a $200,000 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo for $20,000 would you buy it?
The reason why you would say no to most of those questions has everything to do with value. Even when you do buy something at a low value you treat it as such. If you buy a pair of shorts at the discount clothing store it may be the pair of shorts that you put on to do yard work in after the second wash. Those same shorts bought at a high-end department store will last you for years to come because you treat them as such.
So why would you have a company offer you a free design service and think it has any value? The pool company may offer a free pool design so they can sell you a pool. A paver patio company may offer you a free patio design so they can sell you a patio. A landscape nursery may offer you a free landscape design so they can sell you plants. Why would these companies put any effort into a complete thorough design that takes 20 to 30 hours to do? Because they are not taking 20 to 30 hours to do it. They are designing something as fast as they can, to price it as fast as they can, to sell you one of their products as fast as they can.
This is not an attempt to offend any contractors. I was a contractor for 13 years. The free design was a practice that was driving the industry. It worked for the most part to sell tons of outdoor living material. The brick paver guys were booming installing 1000’s of patios a year across the country. The swimming pool contractors were selling tons or rectangle pools. The inevitable problem it created was that all of the patios and pools looked the same.
A very large survey was done by an online company called Houzz. The survey discovered that homeowners wanted more. They wanted more than just a free designed square or rectangle patio. They wanted more than the standard 20×40 swimming pool in the middle of the back yard. They wanted the whole outdoor living space with different styles, colors, and materials. They wanted the outdoor kitchen, the fire place, and the water feature which has been a really huge boom in the last few years. They also wanted areas designed to fit their imaginations and events.
The survey showed that homeowners are not as worried about budget as they are about function, design, quality, and reputation. In the attempt to correct this demand, manufactures all over the country are scrambling to produce new products of differing styles and materials.
VizX Design Studios was created for that very reason. We are a firm of outdoor living designers who work with clients all over the country designing their true custom outdoor living space. We understand that anything done right must have a well drafted professional design. Having a professional landscape plan done first it gives the homeowner options to choose what they want to do. It also gives them a road map of their whole outdoor space. So they can either do the whole project at once or piece together each area over time. We are also working with those same square and rectangle design contractors. However, now they are able to build projects that they never thought they could do because design was not their business. Installation was their business.


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