Huntington, West Virginia Residence 3D Outdoor Living Design

This was a really unique project to work on. The house backed up on the Ohio river from the West Virginia side. The river is over 100 feet below the property. While standing on the pool deck area you will be able to see 5 to 9 miles East and West in both directions of the Ohio River. Even without the pool it is a spectacular view. We designed a reverse negative edge to span the length of the whole pool to give that true look of infinity.

The diving board is the most amazing part of the project. We designed that area to the right of the diving board over the edge of the slope to give the effect of being suspended in the air. When the diver jumps off the board he or she will have the feeling of diving off a cliff.

There are two fire pit areas, one is built in to the bar and the other is on the lower side of the patio right at the edge of the cliff. The lower fire pit was placed in that area to get an amazing view of the river and the negative edge catch basin. We hope you enjoy. Please contact us for your next pool design project. We will be happy to come visit. (855) 781-0725.


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