The Outdoor Living Design Is A Must

Everything needs a design! Whether it’s an item as small as a pencil or the space shuttle, even the tools used to sharpen the pencil had an initial design. We live in a world where we can take the design for granted because we are mostly the end-users of a lot of failures. In order to get these products to work well, companies spend millions of hours in the design process.

An article I read a little while back stated that Ford spends over three billion dollars designing the Ford Taurus before the first one is sold. There is a reason why they spend that kind of time and money before they sell. Three billion dollars to Ford is pennies compared to the return on investment after selling them; Ford is also making tremendous savings to ensure no recalls or after sales returns.

Now, what does all this have to do with landscape design? It’s a huge lesson on how important a design is to your outdoor living project. I see it all the time when prospective clients call us to work for them; they have this beautiful well designed home and in the rear garden/backyard is this square concrete slab or horribly built paver patio done by the builder! I’m sometimes dumbstruck wondering why the builder stopped there!? Or why they did such a great job on the main house and then diminish the value of the house with a slapdash job of the front and rear gardens. It’s almost as though we are conditioned to take the outdoors for granted.

I would argue — and propose — that the outdoors is one of the only ways for humans to connect with nature. It is the area where you can relax and gain peace in your life. You could spend 55 to 60 hours per week working to pay for this amazing house but never truly capturing the benefit or harnessing the peace for why you are working.  I would argue that the outdoor living space is the most important area in your whole house. It’s is the spot you can go to when you want to get a breath of fresh air, it is the place that you can spend time with the kids and family telling stories around the fire pit, it is that place where you can spend time enjoying refreshments with your spouse to wind down in the evenings.

With this area being so important I find it odd that it is the most overlooked. Why is it overlooked? We have let commercialized marketing control what we feel to be peaceful for profit. They told you that your house is only important inside so that is all you care about. So when you do hire somebody to work for you, you look for the cheapest of the best company who can do a quick sketch job and develop an open space that will fit stuff.

A misconception of the outdoor living space is that only the rich can afford an outdoor living design! Having a professional design drawn up for you will also save you tons of money in the long run. Design companies work with many different suppliers, contractors, and all types of materials. If you call a paver patio company you just get a bunch of pavers. If you call a landscape design company you may just get a bunch of gardeners and plants. However, if you call an outdoor living designer you will get a mix of materials and spaces in your area. You will also get a road map that will save on costly mistakes in the long run. Most designs are cheaper than one change order. You also get to bid your project to many companies to get an apple to apple comparison.

This is where VizX Design Studios comes in: an outdoor living one-stop-shop that grows with your vision, enabling you to scale your project at your pace!

Duane Draughon


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